About Us

Using our experience in loom's production, as well as our long presence on Western European markets, we created a brand ,which joining 100-year-long tradition with modern patterns, gives you a chance of buying true, utilitarian masterpieces.

We own a machine park, due to which we are lead producer of high quality loom in Europe. Such situation gives us flexibility in designing various classic and modern mat types and enables the customers'full participation in this process.

As we do not rely on the imported loom mat we are able to controll the whole production process for better quality of material.

The raw material used for the loom mat production come from Scandinavian trees plantations. 

Loom's mat production is a very complicated process, which is technologically advanced and demands specialist equipment and knowledge. The raw mat is hardened and waterproofed, which makes it quite elastic and simultaneously hardly susceptible to deformation.

Loom furniture makes the impression of softness.

Their coil doesn't have any sharp edges, which could catch clothes.

They do not creak, deform or bend while sitting down.

They are exceptionally durable, and even after decades of being used they do not show signs of wearing.

The main feature determining Lloyd Loom furniture success, is their similarity to the best hand plaited wicker or rattan furniture, possessing all their advantages, but none of their faults.